Ireland Trains

Ireland is a land known for its gorgeous landscapes, delicious food, and rich culture. In order to truly lay eyes on this remarkable country, taking the train is the best option. Therefore, make sure to book your tickets right away!

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About Railway System

Did you know that the history of Irish train started almost 2 centuries ago when the first country's railway route was officially opened? Today, quite some time later, the system came a long way and developed significantly, becoming a perfect way to get around the country.
Although there is no high-speed railway in Ireland yet, don't think that trains serving the country offer anything but excellent amenities and fast travel times. Almost all shuttles are operated by Irish company, but an Irish High-Speed train is an exception to the rule, as it's in the joint custody of this one and NI Railways.

Popular Train Routes in Ireland

Even though the railway network is not as well-spread as a hundred years ago, its coverage is still quite impressive, and Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is nestled right in the heart of the rail web. Most train lines radiate from the beautiful city, so if you are planning to reside in Dublin, don't miss your chance to enhance your vacation with a memorable day trip or two. You can also check Rail Ninja Reviews to find more information.

Popular Train Stations in Ireland

Any rail journey begins and ends at the train station, and all the railway hubs offer everything you might possibly need to successfully start your adventure. All the stations in Ireland have basic amenities, such as bathrooms, ticket desks, and waiting areas on the platforms. But usually, they offer much more than that.

The rail hubs in popular travel destinations, such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick offer everything you would expect from a modern train station, such as Wi-Fi, ATMs, phone charging points, vending ticket machines, and various dining and entertainment opportunities.

Irish Train Tickets

If you plan to travel by Irish train, booking tickets online is the smartest choice. No one likes to queue at the railway stations, especially if it's your first time there and you have a train to catch afterward. Luckily, in the 21st century, you don't have to!

The Rail Ninja booking platform offers a wide choice of Irish train tickets and allows purchasing them for up to 2 years in advance. This award-winning service boasts an intuitive interface and is very easy to use. You can get your tickets in a matter of a few minutes! All you need to do after, print the tickets at the station, and voila!
What is more, Ireland train travel is a great way to admire the natural wonders of the region. If you want to take in the best that the Irish landscapes have to offer and are not in the mood for a hike, you can always take a train from Dublin to Belfast or to travel from Dublin to Galway, and get a bit of magic through the stunning views. If you are planning to go through the biggest cities of Ireland, check out post about Ireland attractions.
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FAQ: Ireland Train Tickets

Popular Irelands Train Routes

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