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Irish High-speed Train

If you are a geek, you definitely won't miss a chance to travel by Irish high-speed train. The good news is that it's possible and, for better or worse, you won't even have to leave the planet to put this achievement on your bucket list.

​The fleet of Irish high-speed shuttles stationed on Earth runs between Dublin and Belfast daily, providing not just a convenient connection between Ireland and Northern Ireland but also a memorable experience for any Star Trek fan.

Despite sharing the name with the famous Starfleet vessel, Irish high-speed trains don't have anything to do with the renowned sci-fi franchise. In this case, the name was chosen due to the ingenious approach to rail travel that the trains were supposed to bring to life.

Although now the trains might not seem particularly enterprising, at the time, Irish high-speed train indeed revolutionized railway travel between two separate countries in the area. The first run happened in 1947 and was an attempt to bring rail back into the game, as the future seemed to have a place only for cars and planes reserved.

​The bet was that the comfortable travel conditions, customs checks limited only to Belfast and Dublin terminals, and an option of booking in advance will change the odds in favor of Irish high-speed train and, luckily, it was the right call. Today, the trains still serve the Belfast - Dublin railway line, jointly operated by Iarnrod Eireann (Ireland side) and NI Railways (Northern Ireland side)

Although you won't find a holodeck or a food replicator onboard just yet, Irish high-speed train services are very impressive and promise a smooth and worry-free ride. You can choose one of two travel classes for the journey (you can find more information below), and while each offers different travel conditions, you can rest assured that both provide everything you need for a comfortable trip.

Both classes boast air-conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi, and a display in every carriage, providing such vital information as the current time, destination station, as well as next station. A Cafe Bar is operating onboard, where you can purchase soft & alcoholic beverages, tea/coffee, and snacks (you can pay with both Euros and Pounds Sterling).

FAQ: Irish High-speed Train

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