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Popular Irish Train Routes

​​Ireland train travel is something more than just a convenient way to travel between the cities. It's also a small adventure and a dream-come-true for any visualist. The chances are that you've heard quite a lot about the untamed beauty of this enchanting country, boasting breathtaking landscapes, mesmerizing lakes, and countless old castles. Would you like to see it all for yourself?
Although a train ride can't show you all nature's wonders, it can offer you a sneak peek of this beauty. Be a sort of apéritif and a promise of more to come if you wish to explore the immense diversity of Ireland's nature up close and hunt for incredible views. Below, you can find the Ireland rail map of the most frequently traveled routes as well as find detailed information about each of the most popular choices. Are you ready for an exciting ride?
If the sole purpose of your trip is to enjoy some of the most impressive views in Europe, the railway routes from Derry to Coleraine and from Downpatrick to Inch Abbey are both excellent choices.
Did you know that the history of Irish train started almost 2 centuries ago when the first country's railway route was officially opened? Today, quite some time later, the system came a long way and developed significantly, becoming a perfect way to get around the country.
Although there is no high-speed railway in Ireland yet, don't think that trains serving the country offer anything but excellent amenities and fast travel times. Almost all shuttles are operated by Irish company, but an Irish High-Speed train is an exception to the rule, as it's in the joint custody of this one and NI Railways.

FAQ: Irish Map & Routes

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