Irish High-Speed Second Class

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Irish High-Speed Train: Second-Class Travel

Complimentary Wi-Fi
Individual powers sockets
Comfortable seats
Wheelchair accommodation

Without a doubt, the most popular travel option on Irish High-Speed Train. While the first-class tickets offer a few perks, not everyone sees the point of paying extra for in-seat audio or adjustable blinds on the window. Although the offered amenities in Irish High-Speed Train cabin are, of course, less luxurious than the ones that go with the First-Plus tickets, the travel conditions are still really great and you get quite a bit more than can usually count on.

For example, all passengers of Irish High-Speed Train Class are welcome to take advantage of complimentary Wi-Fi and individual power sockets. The seats are comfortable, arranged 2x2, come with a table, and offer decent legroom. The passengers can purchase some food and drinks in a Cafe Bar or via a trolley service.

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